Modern design leans heavily on geometric shapes like: squares, rectangles, perfect circles, ovals and smooth flowing curves. All of these geometric shapes converge to generate symmetrical, "clean lines". Modern settings are typically very simple with limited ornamental flourishes to interrupt the even, unbroken lines and flat surfaces. Glossy materials and light finishes like brushed nickel or stainless steel are signature pieces in a contemporary design concept. Vesta’s current product line includes 8 collections that pair well in modern settings. Click a thumbnail to see all the associated darpery hardware items included in that particular collection.

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Apollo drapery hardware


Crystalene drapery hardware

(1.1/8", 1.3/8")

European Elegance drapery hardware

European Elegance
(3/4", 1.1/8")

Gaudi drpaery hardware


GeoLux drapery hardware

(3/4", 1.1/8")

Le Mans drapery hardware

Le Mans

Mistral drapery hardware


Opera drapery hardware

(3/4", 1.1/8")

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