Vesta’s Mistral Collection features petite finial designs produced at the most exacting standards. The hardware in this product grouping is ideally suited for contemporary,
light-weight window treatments. Five popular finishes are available and all items
are in-stock for quick shipping.

Collection Size:
3/8" Diameter

in-stock, typically ships within 24 – 48 hours

Available Finishes:
AB = antique brass
BB = brushed brass
BN = brushed nickel
PB = polished brass
PC = polished chrome
PN = polished nickel 

Bracket Recommendations:
additional bracket required every 3 – 4 feet

Nice finial Mistral drapery hardware

5/8"W, 7/8"L

San Remo finial Mistral drapery hardware

San Remo
5/8"W, 7/8"L

Monaco finial Mistral drapery hardware

3/4"W, 3/4"L

Cannes finial Mistral drapery hardware

5/8"W, 3/4"L

End Cap Mistral drapery hardware

End Cap
1/2"W, 3/8"L

Short Bracket Mistral drapery hardware

Short Bracket
7/8"W, 1.3/8"P

Long Bracket Mistral drapery hardware

Long Bracket
7/8"W, 2.3/4"P

Sash Bracket Mistral drapery hardware

Sash Bracket
1/2"W, 5/8"P

Inside Mount Mistral drapery hardware

inside Mount
5/8"W, 1/2"L

Ring with eye Mistral drapery hardware

Ring w/eye
15/16"ID, 1.3/16"OD

Flat Ring with clip Mistral drapery hardware

Flat Ring w/clip
11/16"ID, 1"OD

Brass Tubing Mistral drapery hardware

Brass Tubing

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